Write About It So You Can Write It Off

I just stumbled over a virtual plethora of write offs for those of you who are making a career out of writing. If you have been freelancing for any time you probably know a few tricks, but have you thought of everything?

1. Memberships to local attractions (museums, parks, aquariums). If you are using your trips for writing research then be sure to write-off the expense (that includes mileage and meals).

2. Trips to visit family. Figure out a way to use the experience in your writing and deduct your mileage.

3. Conferences and seminars. Even if they aren’t specifically about writing you can use them IN your writing.

In essence, I can deduct all or a portion of just about anything that I do – as long as it is relevant to my writing.

For every deduction I can find that is one less dollar that the government will get. And the more of my money I can keep the happier I am going to be!

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