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Quot eof the Day - Thursday

Quote of the Day – Know Where to Get There

Quote of the day for Thursday, July 27, 2017

I have to know where I want to go if I am going to figure out what to do to get there.

Quote of the day - Know where to get there

When I turn out of my driveway, I can go left or I can go right. One way leads me to the main highway, and one way leads me to a dead end along the creek.

Even if I turn towards the highway, I have to turn left or right when I reach that road. One way leads north and the other leads south, and both have limitless possibilities from there.

In life, I have plenty of choices and tools to help me along in this journey. The issue is not the tools and choices, but knowing which tools and choices will get me to my destination.

Until I define where I am going I will struggle to understand the right way to get there.

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Quote of the Day - Growing HOPE - Know where to get there

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