Sustained Through the Storm

Being sustained through the storm doesn’t always mean it’ll be a smooth ride. It is just a promise that when we keep the focus, then we will get through.

You have to go through it
To get to the end of it.
Catching Fire


You have to go through it
To get to the end of it.
- Catching Fire

Finding the Light to be Sustained through the Storm

There is a popular song about having faith. It talks about what happens when the road gets dark, and tears become your reality. It calls on you to have faith. Leaning into faith gives you what you need to be sustained through the storm.

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A Little Light

It only takes a little light to dispel the deepest darkness. Faith fuels the Light. Do all it takes to feed your faith when you are facing the storm.

Brace for the Thunder

The noise can rattle the heart, but sometimes it is just noise. It sounds big, and it sounds terrible, but Faith brings a still quiet that reminds you the noise is just noise no matter how much it tries to convince you otherwise.

Change the Focus

Turn away from staring at the storm and focus on something soothing – great music, a good book, or a game night with the family by candlelight. 

You take the power out of the storm when you lean into Faith. With Faith as your foundation, you will be sustained through the storm.

Faith Building

Isaiah 46:4 “I will sustain you and rescue you.”

Scripture Quote

“I will sustain you and rescue you.” - Isaiah 46:4

When you face the storms of this world, look up to God. He has promised that He will sustain you and rescue you. Be so invested in your relationship with Him that the storms never cause you to doubt the truth that He has made you to walk on water.

Dare to Face the Storms

Storms happen. How you face the storms makes the difference in your journey. You can focus on the noise and the chaos or choose to lean into Faith. One will leave you cowering in the dark, the other will keep you sustained through the storms.

Choose Faith!

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