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How to Know Your What Now

What now? When you are sitting at the end of the road, or hanging at the end of your rope, or just too tired to care, you are often left looking around wondering what now.

What am I supposed to do now that everything I know to do has been done, and I’m still here?

What do I need to learn from this lesson I seem to keep going through so I can move on?

What should I think when what I thought didn’t work out?

What now?

Why is about the past.
What is about now.
Lean into your what now and unlock your breakthroughs.
– Kathryn Lang


Why is about the past.
What is about now.
Lean into your what now and unlock your breakthroughs.
- Kathryn Lang

When Things Are Not Going As Planned

The last three years have been overflowing with those kinds of moments that make you wonder if it can get any worse. But you don’t dare say that out loud because the last thing you want to do is tempt fate (even though you don’t actually believe in fate).

The going has gotten so tough that it has run completely over me a few times – and then backed up to make sure it got me.

This last tough moment almost broke me. Had I been in a position to quit, I would have. Instead, I had my hands tied up and couldn’t react. By the time I got my hands free, I had a little more calm and a little bit of motivation, but little bits add up if you keep adding them on.

I picture the cartoon with the two guys mining for treasure. The one at the top quits and walks away, never knowing that one more swing of the pickaxe would have broken through. The other guy keeps on digging.

I couldn’t bare the thought of getting to Heaven and God telling me I was the guy at the top of the cartoon. “Just one more swing.”

Sharing my experience with my amazing friend Gene helped give me some of that little bit more I needed to keep swinging. I told him about my struggles and how tough things were, and how I couldn’t help but wondering why me. “I’m sure you understand.”

You’ll have to go check out a little about Gene’s story to know why I expected him to understand and sympathize with my struggle. Instead of telling me he understood my cries of “why,” he paused – probably for effect because he can get dramatic.

“I’ve never asked why. I simply asked, ‘What now? And then I started doing.”

Now I can’t stop swinging until I get that breakthrough.

Are You Searching for What Now?

Ten years ago, my book “Place in Purpose” was published. I longed to encourage others to live their unique design – or heartseed, as I like to call it. Today, my husband and I are launching What Now over on Peculiar Productions as part of the Abundant Life Program we are launching this year. 

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose and for such a time as this. It’s time to lean into your unique what now and live it boldly.

Want to jumpstart your what now? Click HERE and jump over to the course page to get started today.

Know Your Spirit

find what spiritual gifts shine the brightest in your heart and mind and then learn how to put those gifts to work walking out your design.

Personality Particulars 

take two of the top personality tests to understand your inclinations in this season of your journey. Once you align these focuses, you can begin to see how they can work to strengthen your place in God’s plan.

Unique Design

taking inventory of your heart, mind, and soul allows you to begin peeling back the layers of expectations and demands covering your heartseed. The more you peel back, the more you begin to reveal the unique you.

Finding the Thread

look through the lists, the results, and the mentor letters to begin finding the threads of strengths that weave through them.

Aligning with the Word

learn the truth about your unique design and why it matters. God wove you with a particular path in mind.

Preparing for Intentional Action

honestly evaluate what you’ve learned and begin imagining the possibilities of what to do with that knowledge.

It Should Be Easy

It should be easy because it is your heartseed focus. It is your unique design. IT IS YOU! Don’t give up when the going get’s tough. Dare to lean into your what now until you break through.

How will you touch a heart today?

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Start Stretching Your Wings

It’s time to stretch your mind, your heart, your imagination, your body and your possibilities. All it takes is a little bit at a time, a little bit here, a little bit there, and soon you’ll have built up a great big possibility that you never thought was possible. Don’t be distracted by learning just for the sake of learning or shiny object syndrome, make sure it’s feeding your journey to become who you are uniquely designed to be. And don’t forget to stretch your heart, invest in the lives of others and be a blessing wherever you go. Finally, embrace the truth of your breaking point, know your comfort zone, your voice, and your why. When you understand who you are and embrace it, you’ll take flight into your possibilities.

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