How to Be Hardwired for Hope

Being hardwired for hope doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and it doesn’t happen easily for all seasons, even for those that it does. Instead, hope is a seed that needs to be nurtured and tended to grow up into a tree that covers us in all situations.

We need words of hope
to sink into the depths of the hurt
so we can start the process of healing.
– Kathryn Lang


We need words of hope to sink into the depths of the hurt so we can start the process of healing.

Getting Hardwired for Hope

I read an article recently explaining how most people are naturally hopeful. The researchers used the predictions of game outcomes as the measuring stick. It seemed that no matter what the facts were, the people involved in the study picked their favorite team.

“Don’t confuse my truth with your facts.”

Although I understand the premise behind the research, hope is so much more than willfully wishing. Hope is tangible and fact-based. Faith provides the foundation on which hope stands.

So you can’t hope in things outside of truth – no matter how much you want your team to win. It’s not hope. 

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Here, the phrase “hoped for” means that we are waiting with joy and full confidence because we trust. It should be no surprise that this chapter of Faith points to the importance of hope.

We hope because we know the truth and we trust in that truth.

  • Learn the truth
  • Invest until you believe
  • Believe untiil you breath
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When I was younger, my parents provided for my needs and many of my wants – although rarely did I get it immediately. When I said I wanted a horse, they didn’t rush out and get me a horse. They sent me to horse camp two years in a row – in late July and August. If you ever wondered if you really want a horse, try mucking a stall in late July in Georgia. 

They tested me. I invested in learning. After two years, I got my horse. Sugarfoot wasn’t the “brand new Corvette” of horses. He was sure-footed. He was older. He was perfect for me – because unbeknownst to me, as I was being tested, my parents were also doing their homework.

Only now do I realize that my hope for a horse – that had started when I before was in elementary school, wasn’t fulfilled until almost ten years later. Hope doesn’t fade with years. It grows stronger through trust and faith.

My parents never promised anything they did not intend to follow through with. They never played practical jokes on us, so we trusted that when they said it, it was so.

When we trust in what is promised, we can stand in the hope that it will be fulfilled.

Learn the Truth

You have to know the truth – the promises – and you have to know them for yourself. Get invested in building a foundation of hope through reading Scripture, digging in deeper, and sharing with others. Words of hope create a path for learning the truth.

Invest Until You Believe

Keep learning and growing. The more you know, the more you grow. The more you grow in Faith and Wisdom, the bolder you become in your belief. The truth settles down into your knower, and you have roots that hold you firmly when the storms come. Invest in the Truth until you believe it.

Believe Until You Breathe

Once you have roots in your knower, keep leaning into those truths. The world will do all it can to shake your belief. Sometimes, the man in the mirror is the most active and trying to shake you. Keep investing in your believe point until it is as natural as breathing.

Keep Believing Until You See It Fulfilled

Once you believe it, keep speaking that belief. Give thanks for the Truth of that belief. Lean into the fulfillment of your belief until you see it come to fruition.

Make the Choice for Hope

No matter what your natural tendency is, you can find your path to hope. Keep learning and keep believing, and you will find that no matter where you started, you become hardwired for hope.

How will you invest in hope today?

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