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Relationship Foundations – Five – Be Positive

Relationship foundations are strongest when set on a positive foundation, but seeking out the positive and the possibilities to build those foundations takes practice. Be Positive to Build Relationship Foundations 1. See it from a different perspective. I need to choose to try and view the moment from the eyes of the other person. I […]

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Finding the Positive

Two days ago I walked into my room – the flood lights had been left on and the one outside my window was shining on the maple tree in the back yard. The tree was at its peak color with a splash of orange and dark red on each leaf. The flood light silhouetted the […]

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Think Your Way to Perfection

The Olympics are on right now and Michael Phelps is dominating the men’s swimming. One competitor was asked about his Olympic bid and he said “I’m swimming for silver.” His commit did not make his name stick in my memory, but I can tell you that he did not get gold. It wasn’t because of […]

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