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Kathryn Lang #GrowingHOPE

Remember Today and Every Day . . . Love

“Your blood should still boil.” The words were shared in regards to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. My gut reaction involved tears instead of anger. Remembering back 17 years ago, it was tears that overwhelmed me. I came home and talked to my son about that day. He was four years old. He still […]

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Hope Grows Strength when I Remember

On September 11, 2001, I was on the way to pay bills. I spent the rest of the day in prayer for the people I did not know, for my country, and for the world. Each year, I take a moment to pray for all of those involved. In other words, I pray for all […]

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breaking through 2-4-15

Breaking Down before Breaking Through

My day sucked – and not your ordinary, kids are annoying, husband is not agreeable, or the weather is not cooperating kind of suck. This was a life sucking, heart breaking, give me a shovel and let me dig my own grave kind of suck. My energy was zapped by a headache that would not […]

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Sunrise Easter

Hope Lives On

The words that my children point me to during some of my darkest moments speak volumes for me to the care my Father has for my life. This morning my youngest son woke and asked me to play a song on my computer. I only have one CD loaded right now and I started it […]

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Give Me Revelation

My heart carries a heavy burden. For the last two years my freelance writing has carried the family. Actually, if I admit the truth, God has carried us through these last two years and my freelance writing has only been one of the conduits that He has used. But things are hard right now. We […]

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