Finding Hope

Finding hope gets help when you are surrounded with hopeful voices. Stress, panic, and despair will all make finding hope more of a challenge.

Recently, the dark place captured me and threatened to drag me down into a deep pit. I clung to the edges of hope, but my grip weakened with each moment. I looked around for something, anything. I was alone.

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Worse, the voices around me declared frustration and discouragement – not of me, but of their own journey. Still, it reflected back on me.

Until you choose
to stop dwelling in the negatives,
you will struggle
with finding hope.
– Kathryn Lang


Until you choose 
to stop dwelling in the negatives, 
you will struggle 
with finding hope.
- Kathryn Lang

Things had not been going the way I had expected. I had followed the rules. I had marched along in stride down the well-trodden path. I listened to the steps that they provided. And yet, the more I tried and the more I did, and the more I followed, the darker it became. My hope slipped more with each passing moment.

Finally, I found a glimpse of light. Words from another writing friend managed to re-kindle my flame. “You can.” The words were not prophetic. They offered no magic beans. They were not even that fancy – especially for a writer. They had the spark of inspiration simply because they were sent from someone that genuinely cared about me.

I thought long and hard about how those words managed to give me the light that nothing else could provide. I looked through my notes and ideas. I even reviewed something others had said to me just a few months back. I discovered that the place from where she had offered those two words created the common thread to weave together all those ideas of hope I had been accumulating.

Hope is all around us. Hope lives on in two words, “You can.” It can be woven into the weeks of learning and inspiration. It can be a combination of all that you encountered. But until you stop dwelling in the negatives, you will have trouble finding hope.

How will you choose to find where hope grows today?

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