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Growing HOPE - Foundational Hope Principles

Big Change Comes from Choices

I want more than what I have now. I deserve more. I NEED more. My pleas went up to heaven, or I hoped they did. The week of grey days and bad news had left me wondering if my prayers might be getting snagged on my ceiling tiles. “You are where you choose to be.” […]

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The Difference of a Day

Wow – what a difference a day makes. Not only did the sun come out and brighten my day, but changing my focus changed the light within me. I came barreling at today like it was the most important day in the history of the world. If you received the newsletter last night – [url=]a […]

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grow to god

Grow to God – Thoughts on Becoming His Design

No more changes. The bruises and scrapes my past had left brought me to a stalemate. If there was something different someone wanted then he would just have to go somewhere else. To paraphrase a semi-famous philosopher, “I was who I was and that’s all that I was.” This is the person that my husband […]

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Choose Change to be Productive

Commit to Change to Be Productive

I am not always productive. My Saturdays waste way – untapped of their potential. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television catching up on the week’s series or watching reruns of shows that I may have missed. Nothing happens but the passing of time. Wednesday, I committed to doing […]

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creek bed waterfallw name copy sm

Commit to Change

My Saturdays waste away – untapped of their potential. The world seems to slow down and I oblige without hesitation. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television watching a lot of nothing when football season is not underway. This past Wednesday, I had the chance to talk with someone […]

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Change is Coming

We cleaned the house and cleared the clutter. The space makes me happy. It also means that when anything gets out of place I am quicker to notice and to call a mass reclean from the whole family. I have changed, or at least my cleaning habits have changed. Change did not happen overnight. It […]

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