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Study the Book of Proverbs

Make the Most of the Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs provides valuable tools and tips for navigating the storms of this life. Dad encouraged me to read from the Book of Proverbs every day – and I discovered that most months that meant I read through the whole book. It has become an ordinary part of my mourning routine to see […]

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Studying the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Six

Begin this study by reading through chapter six in Proverbs. Use several different translations (you can use the internet if you do not own different translations) to help clarify terminology of words and understanding for individual passages. Make notes about any ideas, thoughts or questions that come up during the readings. Wisdom Goes Beyond the […]

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Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Five

Start today by reading Chapter Five in Proverbs. Make notes about any ideas that stand out to you. Also write out any questions or concerns so that you can research them in more detail in the future. Death Comes from Ignoring Wisdom Wisdom is the principle thing, but the world will try to deceive you […]

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