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a short story 1-24-15

Making a Plan for Success

Developing Your White Board of World Domination Having a plan makes the journey possible. It is impossible to get somewhere if there is no definition of where that place is located. It is up to me to define my destination and then map out a plan to reach it. It all started with a hand-me-down […]

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steps for success

The First Step to Success

Most of the people that have been successful in their fields will tell you that they love what they do. One of the quotes I have on my wall say “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” I live the life that most people dream of […]

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new years 2014

Facing the New Year

It is that time of year again . . . resolutions are just around the corner. That means you are supposed to contemplate your desires for the New Year and write them down. You must resolve to make these things a reality in 2014. Only, I have been contemplating for a while now. I have […]

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Map your path to success.

Working on Purpose

My writing career began in earnest almost seven years ago today. I had been working in bits and pieces online writing content and comments, but my big break came when I had the chance to write a community column for the local paper for one full year. “Write what you want – as long as […]

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changing trees sm

A Shift in Focus

My plans crashed around me. I confess that I had left out an important part of building any type of success, so the crash did not shock me too much. I wrapped myself up in my own problems and needs and forgot about the people around me. I talked a good talk, but my follow […]

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Raising the Bar to Excellence

Being exceptional requires pushing beyond the expected. Reaching a level of extraordinary comes from the dedication to stretch beyond the normal. If I want to have the level of success that I desire in my writing then I have to be willing to go beyond what I am doing at this moment. Choose to Raise […]

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