Quote of the Day – Success Habits – March 15 2017

Quote of the day for Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Success and Failure are largely the result of habit”- Napoleon Hill

I never made my bed growing up. I never felt the need.

And then I had children.

I wanted my children to make up their beds, because it took away from some of the other clutter in their rooms. It took more than words to get them into the habit. It required that I show them by making my own bed every morning.

For the last dozen years, I have made my bed every single morning. Now, when I get up in the morning I make my bed. If I don’t make my bed then my day feels off and my room is uncomfortably messy.

It is my habit to make my bed.

Habits are learned behavior that are invested in over time. If I want to have a habit of success then I need to be invested in success – daily – over a period of time.

Otherwise, I’m investing in the habit of failure for my life (and as example for the lives of those around me).

Dare to invest in success.

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