Quote of the Day – Keep Going – March 16 2017

Quote of the day for March 16, 2017

Keep going. #Diligent #persistence is one of the most powerful weapons you can possess.” – Kathryn

It is NOT going the way I imagined in my head. In MY head – where the silver linings hang easy enough to pluck from the sky – it all worked out. In MY head – where the best of people always shows up dancing and singing – it all came together.

In MY head – things were different than what the world slapped me with.

I wanted to quit. I wanted to cut my perceived losses and walk away. I wanted to give in, give up, and just go away.

Sometimes the natural stubborn streak that runs so deep in my veins is all that keeps me from stopping.

If I want to break out and I want to break through then I must keep pushing.

Diligent persistence.

This phrase came to me in a dark moment in school on a quote that has hung in my room or in our house since that date.

Diligent persistence.

This phrase challenges me to dare to take one more step and if I still want to give up then I can – but it always dares me to take one more step so I never do.

Diligent persistence.

The most powerful tool I can possess for reaching my bold purpose.

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