#GrowingHOPE Tuesday

The If Only Thoughts Keep Stress Growing

STUCK IN IF ONLY – #GrowingHOPE Podcast

Today’s Podcast takes the But What Then idea deeper by getting past if only moments. We continue to talk about how to know stress and take control of it so that you build a DEstressed life.

1. If only I would have (REGRET) – regret keeps me stuck in the past which holds me down and stops me from moving. If I’m not moving then I’m fading.
2. If only I hadn’t (GUILT) – guilt sucks the energy from the opportunity for better.
3. If only they had (BLAME) – blaming others can feel freeing but it actually locks you into their actions and ideas.
4. If only I could know (DOUBT) – doubt causes me to stir up all the if onlys over and over until I don’t know what’s up anymore.
5. If only I was sure (FEAR) – fear of the unknown, because stepping out into a new place is definitely an unknown.

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  • Over the years (many of them), and well in the past, I have had my share of “if only…” moments. One that comes immediately to mind was back in 1980. “If only I had invested $2000 with Chris Haney when, sitting in my dining room that cold and rainy night, he showed me that crazy trivia game drawn out on the cut out panels of cereal boxes…” Yep. THAT trivia game. You can Google what happened to the group of people more willing than I to risk a mere $2000.
    But, hey, if I had done so my life would never have been the same. I would not have followed the path that taught me many things along the way, nor had all the experiences (good and bad) that led me to where I am today. And you know what? I rather like where I am today!
    Glad I got over that “if only…” thing so many years ago!
    As always, Kathryn, thank you for all you share.