Turning the Chaos Into Something for Good

I have the ability to work through the chaos. As I type these words, the Little Drummer Boy is perched across the room “doing school.” His drum solos are only broken up by his rap interpretations. And yet, I have found a way to turn what could have been a distraction into a new direction for a blog post.

I have the ability to work through the chaos. I just sometimes ignore that ability. There are those times when I choose to allow that chaos to become a hindrance or a distraction instead of an opportunity. (I know, shameful for a rainbows and lollipops host to admit such things and the unicorns will probably strike.)

It seems that I am less likely to choose to initiate my super hero ability when it the important things or when the excuse gives me instant gratification in something I want (like watching Netflix or that chocolate cake). For the record, being able to focus in chaos IS a super hero power especially when you add in the questions from the teens, the interruptions from the husband, on TOP of the Little Drummer Boy’s dramatic interpretation of the latest cartoon. My focus ability amazes me some days.

The other week, I had a scratch in my throat. I let that little scratch be my excuse not to pursue my dreams. The one choice led to another choice and all were anchored by that little scratch. My super hero power had been hampered by the kryptonite of the yuck.

Only nothing had been hindered or dampened or lessened. I just chose wrong. I probably would still be in that place of “curled up on the couch” except that I chose one day not be. I got up and got to work. I coughed through the first day. I coughed less through the second day. Soon I was back on track – the Little Drummer Boy changing his tune to a whistle because it seems to be easier to whistle and tap at the same time.

Before you give in, find ways to turn your chaos into possibilities.

Tips to Turn Chaos to Good

    1. Remember that it may not take much to turn chaos around. The Little Drummer Boy still offers his musical accompaniment (despite the zillionth request to stop) and I continue to write about his exploits. Just making the choice to incorporate the chaos allowed me to rein it in.

    2. Know where you are going. I can be moving along well but when chaos comes along it often brings confusion. If I have written out my plans for the day, I can still find my way to some semblance of order.

    3. Smile – because sometimes that is all that you can do and smiling will make you feel better. Smile at the craziness of it all. Smile at the compounding of chaos that seems to happen when you are in a position not to do anything. Just smile, a genuine, from the heart smile, and you will feel a little better. Feeling better will get you just a little closer to corralling the chaos.

It can all come at you in a swirling, foggy mess. It can creep up on you (or sometimes just creep you out). You have to be determined to keep pushing forward despite the chaos. Otherwise, the chaos gains control and dictates your direction. Change what could have been used for harm into something that you can use for good. Turn around the chaos, go around the chaos, or just smile despite the chaos – then you will have control over the chaos.

Be blessed,


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