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5 Steps to Perfectly Own Your Unique Success

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Thursday – MAP IT OUT – Attitude

My BIG DREAM goals may not make sense to you. My plans and my steps may not make sense to you. I may not make sense to you. It’s not my job or my purpose to make sense to you – it is my job and my purpose to live out my unique design.

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5 Steps to Build Dark Reflecting Motivation

    Make the journey your own by taking bold, purposeful, and determined steps.

  1. Be bold – no more apology for doing it my own unique way. I will . . . therefore I can.
  2. Be consistent – line upon line, precept upon precept, a little here and a little there. It works for a reason.
  3. Be persistent – just keep writing, or stepping, or swimming. Keep on because that is ultimately the only way across the finish line.
  4. Be determined – a determined mind combined with a determined heart will accomplish incredible things.
  5. Be unique – keep moving forward in the path that works for you because that is the one and only path that leads to your success.

I often say I can if I will. When I determine to own my BIG DREAM goals, I flip that saying. I will, therefore I can. My will becomes the driving force behind my dreams, therefore I can reach my BIG DREAM goals.

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When I own my purpose then I position myself to walk out that purpose with boldness.

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Map It Out - 8 Tips to Design your Success

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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