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I Quit Selling My Books – An Author Shares Her Secrets for Non-Marketing

I quit trying to sell my books yesterday. I discovered that even with all of my efforts, my books sold no more than those times when I made no effort – so why bother.

But this “quit selling” does not mean what you think it means – that is my nod to the “Princess Bride.”

I know that what I write is of value to some people – even if it is just me in that moment of writing. I get that the words I share will be a blessing – because nothing sent out in prayer will return void. I also know that your time is valuable – and you do not need to hear me shouting out the benefits of buying my books (especially if you already have that book).

The other day I sat down and made my design for taking over the world (expect more pop culture references before I am done) – and I’ll be sharing a little more about that in an upcoming blog post. I recognized that I can hope you will buy my book, and I can beg you to buy my book, and I can work out marketing details for you to buy my book . . . or I can just keep writing with the understanding that when something strikes your fancy then you will follow through.

My Plans for Not Selling My Book

    – I will share excepts from the books on the blog and through social media. I will include a link – but I will also be certain to create posts that can stand alone. #makingmyownway

    – I will continue to create books that have value to the readers – fiction that entertains or inspires; non-fiction that grows hope, encouragement and inspiration. Because if you write it then they will buy. Bonus points to you who guess that reference.

    – I will attend selling events (fairs, expos, shows) with my books, but I will also bring along the crafts those books are inspiring (plaques, storage boxes, prints). I will be happy to let you buy a book and will even sell you a book, but I will not chase you down and try to get you to buy the book.

    – I will be honored to come and speak with your group or organization about the tips and ideas in the books (the importance of relationships, training a husband, finding your unique place and purpose). I will be happy to come and speak at your conference or event about the journey to hope or living out my dream as a writer. We can also work together to come up with a great program specific to your needs.

    – I will be happy to be a part of your fair, show, or expo.

So yes – I will still have my books for sale – you can stop worrying ( I could hear the gasps of concern all the way out here). After all, I would be crazy if I did not say that “I want you to want me” or to at least want to buy my books and support the journey of Growing HOPE. Building a successful writing and speaking career requires that desire. I just plan to focus on sharing with you and growing our relationship and not on making sure you have the latest copy of my family friendly adventure, Mystery Rock.

Be blessed,


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