Avoid Being Rude to God

You should never be rude to God. It seems like obvious advice since He is God after all. And yet, I find myself making the choice to be rude to Him more times than I care to think. Just today, I chose to stay in bed even when I knew that God was waking me. I ignored God and that is very rude.

It would be nice if my rude behavior stopped with the sunrise, but apparently I was just getting started. Looking back at my day, I see that I chose not to listen, or I chose not to respond several times throughout the day. Again, that is just rude.

[tweetthis]I would never treat a person the way that I treat God – something to think on[/tweetthis]

I know better. Being raised in the south by a Southern Belle mother from a Southern Belle mother from a Southern Belle mother, believe me, I KNOW better. I would never treat a human the way I choose to treat God. The women of my family would rise up and crush me.

So why do I find myself being rude to God?

I am working through that question in my life. I am digging down deeper than I ever have before to determine why I think it is okay to ignore Him. I am searching my heart to try and understand why I think it is okay to disobey Him. I am seeking the answer because I know that I do not want to be rude to God even though I am being rude to God.

I have to change something to see a change in that behavior, and I do want to change that behavior. I know that if I want to reach my place – the one that God designed for me from the beginning of time – then I have to follow Him. The only way that I will follow Him is if I pay attention, listen to Him and then obey what He has to say.

Being rude will not get me there.

Be blessed,


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