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Dismiss the Limitations of the World

Dismiss the limitations of the world. Those limits only define your journey when you choose to accept them as part of your journey. The world sets boundaries, builds walls, and tries to lock us away. Circumstances and situations throw up distractions and detours and cover up dreams. 

When you recognize that your journey is unique to you, then the limitations of the world will no longer stick.

We are in this world, but we are not of this world. When we embrace our extraordinary uniquenesses, then we walk in this world with bold purpose and engaging light.

Every action you take
toward your possibilities
moves you away
from the limitations of the world.
– Kathryn Lang


Every action you take 
toward your possibilities 
moves you away 
from the limitations of the world.
- Kathryn Lang

Trapped by the Limitations

Ten years ago, I launched the #GrowingHope show. People were joining in. I added guest interviews. I had advertisers. I shared faith and encouragement. Most importantly, I did it my way.

But I wasn’t seeing the traction I wanted, and I was looking for ways to level up. I reached out to someone and was encouraged to “follow the industry standards.”

Forget that industry standards were literally shifting at that time or that industry technology was advancing faster than the standards could manage. Just remember that one of my superpowers was that I had always been willing to be uniquely me. 

Despite having my cape, I decided to accept the rules and limitations of the industry. The results were just as much of a disaster as you can imagine.

Anytime we move from our path into the path of someone else’s design, we will get into trouble. The path of the world’s limitations will be crowded with frustrations, pitfalls, and blockades. Most of the time, they force you to spin in circles until you’re too dizzy to know which way is up.

Suddenly, each little choice to follow the way of the world instead of the zing of your heart leaves you trapped by the limitations of the world.

Learning from the Limitations

When you get caught in the world’s expectations, the ordinary of the world becomes your expected. I was stuck in that place.

It took some extraordinary moments to shake me loose.

  • A world-wide pandemic that caused a universal quarantine.
  • A personal EF01 tornado landing on just your house
  • Being let down by a system that was supposed to be your help in a crisis
  • Family crisis

At the end of my yellow brick road, I discovered something similar to what Dorothy discovered – it’s me, not them. And if I want to live my best life then I have to speak my truth, believe my truth, and stop getting tangled in the limitations of the world.

  • The world can’t define my path.
  • The world can’t walk my path.
  • The world can’t understand my path.

Until I dismiss the limitations of the world, I can’t either.

What Now?

It all comes back around to choice. If we are going to live our best lives, then we have to choose to step into our unique design. 

We have to let go of the world’s expectations and embrace our individuality. When we do, we discover a path uniquely our own. Let’s make the choice to step into our authentic selves and break free from the world’s limitations. Our best lives await us when we do!

Are You Ready to Dismiss the Limitations of the World?

We do not have to be bound by the rules of this world. We are designed to walk with bold purpose and extraordinary uniqueness. All that is keeping you from that path is your choice to go. You break the traps, drop the chains, and dismiss the limitations of the world when you dare to be you.

Are you ready to be the best you and live your extraordinary life?

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