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Finding Article Ideas for Freelance Writers

Great, unique and interesting stories are the life blood on any freelance writer. Working online, putting out 10 or 20 articles a day, it is easy to see how your idea well can dry up. When you get all dried up for article ideas, here are some ways to prime the pump.

Read other magazines that relate to your field. Jot down in phrases or ideas that you find particularly appealing. From you list you can start to create punchy titles and complete the circle by adding a break down of five to ten points you want to cover in the article.

Review your older articles. First, you writing will have improved since you wrote your older material and you may be able to find a better way to approach some of the article ideas. Second, you may notice a trend in your writing that you missed before. This alone could spark some ideas around your lifestyle, plans, or success. And third, but not least, you may discover some unpublished pieces that you can polish up for publications.

Make a list of topics that you deal with each day. Choose the ones that you want to know more about and do some research. Let that research be the beginning of your article. Repeat the process until you know all there is to know about everything.

Scan the internet for websites that deal with issues you prefer to deal with. Read what other blogs or sites are writing about and let their ideas ignite your own creativity. NEVER copy articles from a website or other publication – this is stealing. Instead of taking their words, let their words inspire you to create your own.

Eaves drop on people during your day. In waiting rooms, restaurants, and even the grocery store people talk openly (and sometimes loudly) about every thing under the sun. Let their words inspire your writing (even if it’s only an article about conversational etiquette).

You are surrounded by great ideas every day. The key is harvesting those ideas and then forming them into coherent articles. Keep a notebook handy, jot down phrases or titles as they come to your mind, and be sure to add a few points that you would want to cover in the article. You will find that your well mostly likely will never run dry again.

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