#GrowingHOPE Podcast - Thursday

How Hurdles Stop Laughter

Hurdles stop laughter because they block our ability to see the joy and ultimately enjoy the journey. Those things stand in the way. But when we understand what they are then we can begin to formulate ways to work around them (or sometimes to blast right through them).

5 Hurdles Stop Laughter

  1. Negative focus – you can’t see the humor forest for all of the negative trees.
  2. Fear focus – what will others think, say, or do?
  3. Authority focus – leaders have to lead not laugh.
  4. Emotional lack – you don’t have the fuel to laugh (too tired, too depressed, too hurt, without joy, without light).
  5. Too Busy – you can’t be bothered with laughter because you are too busy with much doing (and it’s all important stuff).

We are called to thrive in this journey we are on, and that means enjoying the journey. Laughter is a powerful tool to bring it all to fruition. But hurdles stop laughter and hinder that journey.

What hurdles do you face?

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