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Investing in Will

Hope opens the way for investing in will. Instead of focusing on want tos or have tos, you are harnessing the power of I WILL. 

I will do it because I can.

I will do it because I’m designed to do it.

I will do it because it’s right there.

I will.

“Hope harnesses the power

of the will.”

– Kathryn Lang

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Investing in Will:

“Hope harnesses the power
of the will.” 
– Kathryn Lang

Hope Helps With Investing in Will

The more hope I have to stand on, the better equipped I am to keep standing. Darkness, disappointment, and discouragement all weigh me down so that I can’t. Will is no longer involved. No matter how strong the desire or the dream, without hope the dark keeps me locked away from it.

But with hope, I will even when I don’t want to.

Investing in Will on #GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

Willing to do a little more

The more you invest in your hope, the more you will be willing to do a little more with the resources you have. The best part of this is that the little more you do adds up because little bits create big changes.

Willing to do one more thing

It takes one more thing to move you one step closer. The best part of the one more thing is that it gives you motivation for the next step. BONUS: One more thing will set you up for a quicker start when you get back to it.

Willing to do anyway

Your want to won’t always want to so you have to be willing to do anyway so you can get beyond want to. Hope makes a way for you to do anyway so that you get more done.

Willing to do even when they don’t

People tend to get in the way of what you want to do or what you know you need to do – and sometimes you are the people that get in the way. When we grow up hope, then we have what we need to invest in the will to do even when the people around us aren’t doing what we think they should.

Willing to do the needs over the wants

There are times when the needs that are before you will outweigh the wants you have as well. But when you do the needs you often discover that the wants shift.

Be invested in hope and discover that hope helps you position yourself so you are invested in Will.

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