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Getting Beyond Want To

Getting beyond want to is the second way to invest in hope for your life. Your want to will lie to you – because sometimes you want to get to the BIG DREAM and your want to doesn’t want to do the thing right in front of you that will get you there.

You do want to – but just not right now.

Investing in hope allows you to move beyond want to into a place where you are moving toward your possibilities and purpose life.

#QuoteoftheDay - Hope Beyond Want To:

When your want to 
don’t want to 
let hope push you on.
- Kathryn Lang

When your want to

don’t want to

let hope push you on.

– Kathryn Lang

How to Get Beyond Want To

  1. Hope when you are tired – because sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed but you can only get to your finish line when you get out of bed anyway.
  2. Hope when you are angry – because things will make you angry and you have to choose hope to allow you to act in a way that doesn’t give the anger control.
  3. Hope when you are frustrated – because PEOPLE . . . and hope makes it possible to get survive them.
  4. Hope when you are stuck – because there will be moments, days, weeks, and seasons when your wheels get stuck but hope reminds you that there is another day dawning.
  5. Hope when you don’t want to – because the only way there is to go.

Life happens and when life happens be intentional to choose to hope anyway. You hope, not because you know but because you believe. You are speaking into believing and then living out that believing even when you don’t want to.

Sometimes you have to get beyond want to so you can demand your will take action.

I had a friend that hoped to run a marathon one day. She had a plan. Every day required some form of training – because each day built on the previous day (huh, sounds a bit like life, right?). If she missed a day of training, she would have to start all over again and that would push her further out for running her marathon.

It was the hope of running that marathon that kept her focused on her daily plan.

And she ran a marathon.

When we move beyond want to then we run the marathon, write the book, and live the purpose life we are designed to live.

Getting Beyond Want To

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