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Speaking Into Believing – Step One for Investing in HOPE

Speaking into believing means saying the words until you believe the words. When you speak your hope, you not only let the words out of your mouth, but you put those words back into your ears. It reinforces the hope you are growing into believing. And that hope makes the way for creating change that leads to your purposeful and intentional life.

5 Ways Speaking Into Believing Works

Speaking clarifies the message

You get clear on your hope when you formulate that hope into the spoken word. It’s like creating I AM statements, mottos, or affirmations. You create clarity in what you want.

Speaking certifies the words

Declaring your hope sets it in place. It puts your stamp of approval on those words of hope. It takes the hope and locks it into a form.

Speaking solidifies the truth

Speaking also forms the truth of your hope. It gives it shape and substance. Saying the hope makes the more real.

Speaking strengthens the resolve

The more you say it the stronger you get in the saying – and the stronger you are in the saying the closer you are to believing it to the point that nothing will shake you.

Speaking creates believing

You’ve probably heard that when you think it you become it. Well, when you speak it then you think it, so it starts with words.

Speaking into Believing #QuoteoftheDay:

The more you say it the more yo believe it. Speak your hope.

Today’s #QuoteoftheDay

The more you say it

The more you believe it.

Speak your hope.

– Kathryn Lang

Speaking Into Believing

Say it. Keep saying it. And the more you say it the sooner you get to a place where you believe your words of hope.

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