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Hope Endures: 5 Reasons Hope Keeps Going

Hope endures no matter how tough things are, how bad the storm comes down, or how chaotic life becomes.

It’s not always easy but is always simple. We work hard not only to make it complicated but to create an intricate series of reasons or excuses that we can’t or shouldn’t or don’t. We work hard to set up ways NOT TO do what we know to do than simply investing in doing it (I have dirty dishes to prove the point).

But we can. The simple truth of hope and of living in hope is that it starts with the choice of hope and then continues with another choice based in that hope. Simple moments open up a world of possibilities.

Each time we choose to invest in hope, we give it deeper and stronger roots. The more that we grow up hope, the stronger that hope becomes, the better we are prepared to endure through the storms that life throws at us.

hope endures

Hope endures because we are invested in that hope and for that hope.

– Kathryn Lang

Why Hope Endures

  • It endures because it’s founded in and on the Truth
  • It endures because you believe it deep down in your knower and it’s rooted in your heart
  • It endures because it’s moving forward and moving you forward toward your purpose
  • It endures because it’s a light in the darkness (even when it is only a speck)
  • It endures because it’s a seed that persists beyond (and often despite) the limits of the world

The more you invest in knowing, believing, and daring, the more hope endures.

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