Strength of Repetition Helps with Growing Hope

The strength of repetition comes about because you reinforce your ability to believe, the understanding, or the message to the point that it becomes your default position. When hope is your default position then you are standing on a solid rock that will hold you in place when the storms come.

But if you want to grow up hope then you have to be invested in repeating hope until it becomes your Rock.

#QuoteoftheDay - Strength of Repetition

“Repeat your messages of Hope
until they become
the Rock on which you stand. ”
- Kathryn Lang

Strength of Repetition Grows Hope

Hope Heard

Record messages of hope and inspiration – or listen to podcasts or music that have that message. Listen to them until you know them without having to listen to them.

Hope Written

Writing out the messages of hope help to solidify that hope as your reality. Plus, writing taps into different aspects of your memory and learning.

Hope Spoken

The words you speak come from your heart – and the more you say them the more you hear them and the more they root down in your heart.

Hope Shared

Sharing helps amplify the hope because when you share hope it feeds hope in you and in the one with whom it’s shared.

Hope Memorized

The more you write it, read it, speak it, and hear it the more it settles into your knower. And when hope gets rooted in your knower then you know it without having to think about it. It becomes as natural as breathing.

The more you repeate something the more you remember it until you don’t have to remember it and it becomes a part of your natural way of doing things. Before long, you do it because that is always the way you have done it.

Hope grows up through the strength of repeition so you are prepared to be bold in your journey.

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This is the third part of the series Investing in Hope to power up the hope we have for getting through the holidays and moving boldly into the New Year.

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