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Journey to Change – Day Five – 7-19-16

Journey to Change – Day Five – 7-19-16

Journey to Change

No plan, no pills, no programs – just better choices and determined commitment to those choices

Another morning started off with determined focus – I was up and at em even before the sun (although it looked like the moon was trying to hold on).

My goal is to do some moving today. The last edges of the migraine are gone and I have a LOT of to-dos that need to be to-done.

I have some yard work that I need to tackle, but I may take one more day to say in the cool – because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Even staying inside, I know that I can get quite a bit of movement done before calling it a day.

Focus for the Journey to Change

    MOVING: 12:30 pm – 20 minutes swimming (I can still do an I.M. – all though I would not be okay with you timing me); 7:30 pm – 10 min of housework

    LEARNING: 4:30 – Morning Scripture reading: 10:00 am – Think and Grow Rich study; 6:00 Mastermind group

    FUELING: 7:00 am ice water (28 oz); 1 biscuit and 1 scrambled egg; 1:00 pm – lemon/apple cider vinegar water (28 0z); 1:30 2 cup chef salad, ½ mac and cheese, ¼ sour cream and onion chips; 7:30 pm – ice water (28 oz)

    ENGAGING: 10:00 am –went on a livestream with Karen Graves; 11:00 coffee with dad; 6:00 Mastermind group

Recap of the Day

My journey to change is going well.

I did make it outside twice. Once, I was going to put the vacuum in the pool and it wouldn’t sink so I got in to figure it out and decided to go ahead and swim some laps since I was already wet. The second time was to walk down and try to figure out why the cable company was messing with my cable. The worker told me it was 96 degrees out but I’m pretty sure he was missing a zero.

It has been tough, but I feel better about all I accomplished today and I definitely feel better about my water intake. I wish I had about 2 more hours in my day to get my radio script written out, but I know I will sleep well so I will have the morning to address what doesn’t get done.

Lunch has been tricky. I have to figure out something with my lunch time meal because I always end up not being hungry again until after 6 pm and I try not to each much after that hour.

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