Journey to Change – Day Eight – 7-22-16

Journey to Change

No plan, no pills, no programs – just better choices and determined commitment to those choices

I set my alarm for a little earlier than normal so that I would have that few extra minutes to finish up what I didn’t finish up yesterday.

It worked, but I am looking forward to a weekend where the alarm won’t be going off.

I feel better today than I have all week, in part because I got up and got started and I have not allowed anything to distract me from my going. It makes a HUGE difference if I start doing instead of thinking about all that I need to do until I dread doing anything.

Focus for the Journey to Change


    LEARNING: 4:15 am – Scripture reading; 12:00 pm blab with Steve

    FUELING: 7:00 am – ice water (28 oz); 10:00 am – cream filled donut; 11:30 am – ½ cup macaroni and ¼ boston butt. 1:30 pm – 1 donut; 2:30 pm – ice water (28 oz)


Recap of the Day

It’s been a week – and I want the week to reveal results that are magically – and I guess in a way they have. I am aware of what I am doing and aware of what I am eating and that alone will make a difference for my journey!

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