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Moving a Little Bit Closer to the BIG DREAMS and Plans

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January 10, 2020

Quote of the Day

“You can want something but you also have to be willing to make it happen.” – Kathryn Lang

#QuoteoftheDay- willing to make it happen

Moment of HOPE

Willing to Move a Little Bit Closer

It is always a choice. You can make a plan and no matter how good the plan it is just a plan until you start taking action.

You can have a dream and it can be an amazing dream that will be a blessing for you and for all those around you but until you do something to move towards the dream it is only a delusion.

Plans and dreams can be good because they push you to more. Plans and dreams can be bad when you focus on the ideas instead of making the choice for action.

If you want your dreams to take flight and if you want your plans to be fulfilled then you have to make the choice that will put action to your imagination. You have to be willing to do what you know to do to get you to where you want to be.

Dream and then be willing to invest in your dreams.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Developing a Habit of Willing

Make a plan.
Break it into steps.
Determine to take one step.

Even a little bit toward the dream will bring you a little bit closer to where you desire to be.

Daily Challenge - habit of willing to move a little bit closer

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 30 – 32
Ruth 1 – 4
Job 19 – 20
Isaiah 37 – 40
Psalm 41 – 45

Scripture Focus:

“They that wait on the Lord (until they are bound together with Him) – they shall change their strength into a force.” – from Isaiah 40:31

Ponder Point:

Your strength comes from a focus on God because it comes from a relationship with God.

Scripture Focus Isaiah 40:31

Share Moment:

What is one thing you can do today to be more focused on God?

Meditation Moment

You can do it. That’s what they tell us and that’s what they demand from us. They also tell us how we can do it.

But the truth is that we don’t have the strength to stand – not on our own. We can stand for a moment. We may even make it through the first storm. But the only way to make it through and to come out on the other side is in the strength that moves beyond the limits of the world.

We need the strength that created the world and all that is is in it.

That strength is available to us when we make the choice to wait on the Lord. When we invest in knowing God more then we move a little bit closer to standing firm against THEY.

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