Stepping into the Provision of God

The Provision of God is one of over a thousand promises He gave to His Children. The key to living in the promises is walking them out – in full obedience and with bold intention.

Easy, right?

Maybe not easy, but definitely simple.

And yet, we don’t.

The other day, I prayed for provision and asked others to agree with me in that promise. I expected provision.

Today, my friend reached out to see how things were going. “Praying God’s provision came through.”

I began to formulate the response to him when I was hit with the truth of what I was about to write.

See, when things were not going the way I had planned, I tried to fix it. I tried everything I could think of to fix it, and then I began looking for more ways to fix it.

But I can’t fix it. It’s not even mine to fix. I gave it to God. It’s probably being rude to try to take back something I entrusted to Him.

God’s provision is not something I can create, or I can make. I can only choose to walk in obedience, and then I step into His provision.

“You can only control what you can control, and the rest of it will just make you crazy trying to control it.”


You can only control what you can control, and the rest of it will just make you crazy trying to control it.

Responding to the Question of Provision

God’s provision is there, faltering. I know it. I can hear the ravens, and I even catch a glimmer of the sun on their wings now and then. But I have to keep stepping until I reach the bend in the river.

That’s the truth. God’s provision is not a lie or a delusion or only good for one or two people in history. God’s provision – the exceeding, abundantly above all we can think or imagine type – is there for all of us to walk into.

But we have to step into it. God’s blessings don’t fall on us. God’s provision doesn’t rain on us. We have to make the intentional choice to step into it.

Getting Past the Struggle

Two weeks ago, I grabbed a hot pan – 500 degrees worth of hot to be exact. I prayed over it, and my husband prayed over it, and even through the pain, I believed that healing.

It was a small thing, but faith is a small thing that moves mountains.

Today, the place is healed. Actually, it was healed the next day. It never blistered. There isn’t even discoloration. I was healed that night, and I am healed now.

I kept walking until I got to the bend in the river.

When you are struggling to step into God’s provision, you simply (remember, it is simple) have to keep stepping into obedience and faith.

Speak the Truth

Anytime the pain flared up, I thanked God for His healing. Isaiah 53:5 declares that by His stripes, we are healed. Even before Christ died, Isaiah spoke the promise of healing. We ARE healed – past tense.

I have to have the same small Faith when it comes to this situation. God’s promises are real. I will thank Him for His promises and keep stepping until I reach the bend in the river where His provision awaits.

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Do What You Know to Do

Every promise in Scripture comes with a command to “go.” James 2:18 even challenges us to show our faith by our works.

When I burned my hand, I did the only thing I knew to do. I put it under cold water. Because I was in the middle of cooking a meal, I held it under for a few seconds, did something for the rest of the meal, and then returned it under the faucet.

For the next several hours, I kept a bowl of chilled water near me to set the hand in it now and then to cool the burn. Each time I did, I thanked God for His healing.

I got the meal cooked, and we ate as a family.

It wasn’t much. But remember, it only takes a little bit to get you there. It takes a little bit of faith to move mountains. It takes a little bit of action to walk a mile (or run a marathon). It takes a little bit of momentum to create a movement.

I may not know precisely how many steps I need to take to get to the provision of God, but I do know that it’s not where I am.

Phone a Friend

Does that game show still exist where you could phone a friend to ask for help if you got stumped? We used to talk about who we would call if we were ever in that situation. Our lists included people who had specific knowledge in different areas and some who had general knowledge of a lot of areas.

Do you have a friend you can call when your struggle runs deep? In Mark 6: 7 – 13, Jesus sends the disciples out to minister to the community. He sends them together because we are stronger together.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 tells us to encourage one another (we need others to help us keep our encouragement reservoir full).

Genesis 1:16 God made the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to govern the night (Even the stars work together).

Genesis 11:6 God tells the angels that when man works together, then nothing which they purpose will be impossible (which is why complete agreement is so important).

Matthew 18:20 Jesus teaches about the power of two (we have more return when we work together).

Ecclesiastes 4:9 offers that two can defend themselves better (and a three-cord strand – one where God is the center – is not quickly broken).

We need each other. When we hit those tough moments, we need others who will believe even bolder than we ever thought possible because they feed our ability to keep walking until we step into the provision of God.

Dig into 
the promises of God 
so you can understand the provision of God.

Dare to Step into the Provision of God

It’s not easy. The world tries to push you down. Words try to wear you down. Some people will try to push you down.

Shift from a world focus to a God focus. Dig into the promises of God so you can understand the provision of God. Read the Word until you breathe the Word.

Speak the Truth of God. Write down the promises of God and speak them out every day, giving God thanks for all He has done, all He is doing, and the courage to take one more step in His design. Any time the struggles (or pain) try to become the center of attention, speak the promises over them.

Find people leaning into God’s promises with all they have. The more you find, the more that you will find. Promise living people draw promise living people. Get in with the Faith crowd and let that power resonate in your heart and mind.

Keep Walking

The Israelites walked around Jericho to defeat it – which seems foolish when you think it through. There was no battle plan. There were no weapons (unless you count the trumpets). It was just a group of people in agreement with God, taking one step at a time.

That’s all you have to do. Keep walking. Each morning, get up, lean into God, and then walk in obedience to His direction.

Rinse and repeat.

Mark my words, something is about to break.

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