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Submission is a Good Thing

I am not where I am supposed to be, but at least I am not where I was.

Today, most people would refer to me as passive. If I am wronged, I will seek to correct it, but it will not steal my peace and joy. If I can’t resolve it then I trust that God will. It’s amazing how capable He is.

For me, submission is about doing what I know to do without expecting anything in return. Just the other day, my husband said he wished he felt like doing things around the house when he got home from work. My mind wanted to comment, but fortunately my spirit prevailed. I said nothing. My words can not change how he acts or what he does. If scripture tells us anything it’s that a nagging wife is unbearable. It may not seem like nagging to you, but believe me when I tell you he has a different perspective!

I am sweeping up, cleaning the sink, straightening my desk, all before I go to bed at night. Some days it is easier to do what I know to do despite or in spite of what my husband may or may not do. Some days I want to throw the broom at him. As I push ahead and try to live by example, all the while NOT expecting anything from anyone except my God, it gets a little easier.

Now that I know that I can do what I need to do, I intend to work on my consistency. It doesn’t matter how many times I say it or write it, it all comes back to me doing what I know to do and doing it consistently. It helps when I have accountability so I’m going to try something new. I’ll use the comment section to keep a running report of how I’m doing. It could be that telling on myself is all the encouragement I need.

2 Responses to Submission is a Good Thing

  1. myangelkat December 29, 2007 at 8:27 PM #

    It’s not all that easy giving up selfishness. I can do good in spurts, but the long haul is taking its toll.

  2. myangelkat January 2, 2008 at 6:45 PM #

    It helps when the family jumps on board, but it can’t be an excuse that they don’t. I’m pushing on: adding a study time during the day to help me refocus, doing exercises, and staying organized with my work. All the rest is baby steps ;).

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