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Distractions Detract

Little Things Matter

The week started with a focus intense enough to drive me from sleep even before the sun had considered waking. I knew what needed to be done and I dove right in. My twitter feed buzzed and I went to check out the latest mention or response. I commented back and spent a few minutes […]

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The BEEP Goes On

The BEEP Goes On

It started just after 2 am this morning. There are times when I wake up for no apparent reason. Usually, I will say a prayer and settle back into peaceful slumber. I assumed it was one of those times. And then I heard it. Beep. The last time this happened, also in the middle of […]

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Map your path to success.

Working on Purpose

My writing career began in earnest almost seven years ago today. I had been working in bits and pieces online writing content and comments, but my big break came when I had the chance to write a community column for the local paper for one full year. “Write what you want – as long as […]

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sign distraction

What Begins with D

One word can stop your progress and derail your success without as much as a whisper of warning. It can come in big, giant, overwhelming waves or small, indiscernible trickles. But it will come, so be prepared. Dealing with Distractions 1. Learn to recognize a distraction for what it is. Emergencies DO come up, but […]

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