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Reflections and HOPE archives

Why I Quit church

I stopped attending regular worship service over a year ago. We are a one car family – and my older sons needed to be places on Sunday morning. That meant that we had to drive them there if we wanted to have access to the car. It was as good a reason as any. My […]

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Reflections and HOPE archives

Wobbles Wreck the Way

I declared my goals. I took a stand and made a plan for my goals. I took bold and specific steps towards y goals. I woke up the next morning with a sty – which for those of us without a clue is really an eyelash pimple – YES and EYELASH pimple. It forced me […]

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Love Life – Two – Possibility Words

#GrowingHOPE Podcast Listen to today’s broadcast by clicking the play button at the bottom of the page I can get hold of the vision for my “Why Living” when I actively invest in words of possibility. The words I invest in today will become the beliefs that drive my tomorrow. Speak Possibility Words If I […]

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Hope of Purpose with Sherri Burgess

The world pushes us into a place of dark and grey, but HOPE breaks through to the Light. There are few things that can excite my heart as much as seeing others excited about purpose – and pursuing that purpose with boldness. But the power of hope in impossible circumstances may trump even that. [tweetthis]There […]

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