Watch Your Words and Shut Your Mouth

It was an innocent remark (so much so that I have no idea what words she released) and she was just being silly. I know. I have been there myself. People laugh when you say things, silly and unimportant things, about yourself.

“If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.” I reminded her. I meant it, but I said the words with a sing-song lilt to match the humor of her remark. There was some more joking and a little teasing and then I felt an overwhelming urge to explain.

If you have been reading my writing for any amount of time, or if you have been around me for more than I few minutes, then you probably have heard me talk about the power of words. The Proverbs offers a multitude of advice on how (and how not) to use words.

I have learned firsthand the destructive power that resides in words and I have seen with my own two eyes the growing and healing that can sprout up from words – ESPECIALLY in marriage.

But I think the most powerful words we wield are those that we say about ourselves. I have started on a day of joy and peace only to speak something that took root in my heart and crushed my day. It seemed little and unimportant, but it grew into a destructive force.

[tweetthis]Be careful what you say – you may just start to believe it[/tweetthis]

And that was why I felt it so important that I had to share. Words – all of the words that we use – they have power and meaning even when we have no interest in them having power or meaning. A gun always has power – used correctly it can provide life to the user. Used incorrectly, it can be death. A sword always has power – wielded with precision and focus, it can provide life to the user. Used without focus it can become death.

We forget that words are our only offensive weapons. “They are just words.” But they are more than words – used correctly they are life and used incorrectly (or without focus) they are death.

Today, think about the words you are releasing. Watch the impact they have on you or on the people around you. Recognize the responsible that comes from wielding such a weapon.

[tweetthis]Wield your words with wisdom[/tweetthis]

Wield your words with wisdom and focus.

Be blessed,


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