Weekly Devotional May 7, 2017 – Getting the Better Focus of Obedience

Weekly Devotional May 7, 2017 – Getting the Better Focus of Obedience

Then Peter answered Jesus, “We have forsaken everything and followed you. What shall we have?” – from Matthew 19:27

“What is in it for me?”

My youngest son and I have been having this discussion way too much as of late. I tell him to do something and he wants to know what benefits he will receive when (and if) he does what is asked.

The other day I had all I could take and explained to him that he needed to be obedient because I asked and not because I would get something from it.

I think I heard God audibly clearing His voice – as if pointing out that He has been trying to tell me this all along.

It should not be about what I might get. I should not be about what I want. It should be all about obedience – plain and simple.

Weekly Challenge for Scripture Living

I need to make a habit of obedience. I need to say yes to the leading and then simply follow through – not because of what I might get out of it, but because of my respect and honor for the One that requested it.

Make a point to say yes to every prompting of the Holy Spirit this week. Write down the promptings and also the results of the obedience.

Recommended Reading – Matthew 19

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