Friday Challenge – Know the Reason

Know the reason to be able to hit the target.

Until I know where I am going, I will never know if I reach my destination.

Until I understand the reason, I will struggle to find the motivation.

Until I recognize the target, I will continue to miss the mark.

People arrive because they have a destination. People reach their goals because they have a purpose driving the motivation. People hit the target because they see the target, take aim and shoot.

Building a successful writing career does not have to be any more difficult than that – but we are a people prone to making the simple complicated. We add items to the to-do list until we undo all of the hope and aspirations that started the writing process in the first place.

The challenge this is to understand the writer – but goes along with the challenge earlier to discover your writing market. You have to know why you are doing what you are doing so that you can determine how you will do it.

1. Why do you write? Write the “elevator” version of why you do what you do. Be honest. Examine your heart. Be sincere. Your why is not right or wrong, it just is.

2. What do you write? Again, put together that “elevator pitch” that can tell people what you write. This is especially valuable if you write across genres. Find the theme that weaves your words together.

3. Why should you write it? You are unique – so share that uniqueness. Let people know what makes you qualified to create the words that you pour out each time you write.

These three questions will not make you a success. The answer to these three questions will give you the direction you need to begin crafting your writing success. Are you willing to take the challenge and answer three questions to begin discovering your reason for writing?

Share your “elevator pitches” with the rest of us. We can encourage each other with the sharing and be sure to visit those that do share. Let me know if you enjoy these challenges or if there are any specific directions you would prefer the challenges take in the future.

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