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You Are Enough

You are enough. When the world beats you down and tries to get you to give in, just keep reminding yourself that you are enough to do all that you were uniquely designed to do. As long as you go on in your unique design, you’ll find your way. It’s when you give in and fold up into what the world demands that the unique you begins to fade away.

Learn from Tetris: if you fit in you fade away.


Learn from Tetris: if you fit in you fade away.

Dare to be You

Be unique.

Be bold.

Be intentional.

Be radical.

Be individual.

Be you – because you are the only you that there is and the world needs you.

The more you recognize that you were designed on purpose and for a purpose and that it is for such a time as now, the stronger you will stand in your enough. The winds of the world will continue to blow at you and try to know you off course, but your enough will be enough to keep you moving down your path.

Lost in My Lacking

I launched the #GrowingHOPE podcast in 2013. I knew I wanted to share encouragement and hope in more ways, and podcasting seemed to be the perfect platform. I did the research. I made the purchases. I jumped.

And I LOVED it! I never tired of doing it. Without knowing how to gauge who was listening to the replay, I didn’t pay attention to the analytics. Every day, I just shared hope and encouragement. 

One day, a man reached out from a South African radio station and asked if he could syndicate my show on his station. Um, yes, please!

As things moved forward, I began to make connections in the industry. These well-meaning folks began telling me how to do my podcast right. The moment I shifted from leaning into my unique design and started trying to build a viable business the right way, my voice began to fade. My passion wasn’t too far behind. Before long, I was struggling to get anything completed. 

Because I listened to what I didn’t have instead of leaning into what I did have, I lost me.

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Getting Back on Track

I listened to a friend share her struggles with me. She had doubts about what she was doing and how she was doing it. “The conference I attended had so much great advice, and I’m not doing any of it.” She listed out all her lapses. Her lacking rose to the surface. 

I saw her fading away.

“You are enough,” I demanded. I pointed out to her all the things she had accomplished. With each highlighted moment, she sat a little taller. “You don’t need to conform to their rules for a path you are uniquely designed to take. You get to make the rules.”

That holds true for all of us. You are enough. Now say it loud enough for the man in the mirror to pay attention.

You Are Enough

 We can be nonconforming to what they say because they don’t make the way. When you are walking out your unique design and doing what you are called to do – in purpose and on purpose – then you have all you need to take the journey because the journey is designed for you. 

The waves may slap at your feet – and they probably will – but you can walk on the water of your unique design because it is your path. 

The world doesn’t get to dictate your journey. It is yours. Dare to have the boldness to walk it out. 

Be bold in who you are and you will discover you are enough.

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