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Find Your Ways for Setting Aside Comparisons

Building a foundation of hope requires setting aside comparisons. You can’t compare because you aren’t supposed to. Comparisons set you up to fall into a pit of darkness and despair. Break free by releasing the need to compare.

setting aside comparisons

We don’t always see the truth, at least not in our own lives. We see through cloudy lenses, which lead us to see what’s not really there.

The cloudiness occurs when we look outside to value inside.

I have big hair. It’s a simple fact I learned to deal with many years back. Occasionally, I find that perfect hairstylist who has the magic ability to tame the big hair. And then she retires (or I have to move hundreds of miles from where he works).

Complaining about my big hair could be an Olympic sport – or at least that’s how I’ve been acting of late. Between high humidity (which always made my big hair even bigger) and The Year Without a Trim, my hair has taken on a life of its own.

I looked at others with great hair and compared my hair to their hair. It turns out others were looking at my hair and saying, “great hair.”

There is always someone to compare to. There is always a situation you can hold up to your situation. Sometimes you’ll think you are doing way better because of who you are comparing your journey to. And sometimes you’ll become complacent because of the comparison.

Other times you will fall short in the comparison, and you will become paralyzed in your discouragement because you don’t measure up.

The only comparison you need to consider is the one that holds up your journey today to the journey yesterday. Are you doing more, doing better, or doing differently to get the change you want? You only compare to you because you are the only you, and your journey is the only journey you are supposed to take.

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You make room for planting seeds of hope when you choose to embrace your uniquenesses and begin setting aside comparisons.

Setting Aside Comparisons

  • Recognize your unique qualities, abilities, and traits. The more you understand how you are unique, the more you will be positioned to step boldly into your design and purpose.
  • Accept your differences. Not only do you need to see what’s unique about you, but you have to accept they are what they are. Some of them can be changed, but until they are changed, you have to accept you where you are in this moment.
  • Speak to your positives. Breathe more life into your positives by speaking them out loud. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are unique until you embrace the uniqueness.
  • Overwrite the negatives. When you see a negative, you can change, overwrite it by making the choices to move in the new and better directions. Flip the script by taking the negative and turning it into the positive of choosing to change. When you can’t make a change, make the choice to dig in and find a positive in your uniqueness (that others may consider a negative). You overwrite the negatives by changing the perspective.
  • Accept that you don’t have the complete picture. You know what’s going on in your life. You know why you are where you are. Can you say the same about them? Do you see below the surface of their journey? Even when you can see below, you don’t see it all. Comparing your full vision to their partial picture will always lead to a ditch.

You can only walk the path you are designed to walk. Anything else will cause you struggles and frustrations because it’s not where you are supposed to be. You can learn from others (and you should), but you have to find your own way.

When you embrace you and dare to step into your unique design and purpose, then you will be in the bold position of setting aside comparisons.

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