Word Wednesday

It is MY Time

The Time is NOW

I know it is close. I have been saying it for too long now, but this time I KNOW it is close.

The thing is, because I know it is close I want to slow down or even take a time out. It is almost as if I am investing in trying to convince myself that it needs the chance to catch up.

AHA! That was a revelation moment for me. As soon as the words were out of my head and on to the paper I realized what has been happening.

I get up and I get going and I get close . . . so I take a break. The momentum is lost and it slips a little farther away. Until I get up and get going and I get close . . . only to take a break.

I caught on just now and it gave me the exact boost I needed to get up and get going even without the break.

The irony is that I wasn’t the first to tell me.

My friend Gene called me yesterday. He shares some amazing words of wisdom and inspiration. He made me laugh and he laughed with me. It was the perfect word at the perfect moment, I just didn’t see it at the time.

I did write it down.

I don’t always write down what someone says when they call, but Gene had something specific to tell me and I didn’t want to forget. And then he had so many snippets of wisdom that I had to keep writing. Before we ended the conversation I had three pages of notes (and some great ideas for future articles and books).

He warned me that it has looked like it was time before but that it went around and around, layering up the work until the time was now.

Despite his words – and the infusion of hope they provided – I wanted to take a break. I almost did. I wonder if I had if this round would be another layer instead of the now that I know it is supposed to be.

I hear this time. I can still take the break – that is up to me – or I can continue to walk out the design I know I am supposed to be living.

I think I’ll get up and go!

Be blessed,

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