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Living In the Provision of God

The provision of God never fails. Never. God always provides provision for His direction.

When God told Elijah to go to the bend in the river, the ravens fed him there. 

When God told Moses to lead the Children of Isreal across the Red Sea, God provided food and water there.

When Jesus told Peter to go fishing to pay the taxes, there was gold in them there fishes.

If we are going to live in the provision of God then we have to be obedient to His direction.

For many years, my husband and I have struggled financially. We are “just there” when it came to meeting our needs, but not much else. 

“I’m tired of living in a place of bread crumbs and bird poop,” I declared one day. 

“Then move.” I heard God encouraging me to get up and follow His directions.

Elijah had to go where God told him to go. Elijah didn’t get to dictate the rules of engagement, the point of encounter, or any of the details along the way. Nope. He had to go to the bend in the river where God directed him. Anywhere else and he may have gotten something – like crumbs and bird poop – or nothing at all (and been left to starve with everyone else). 

I have to follow
God’s directions
to live life
in His provision.
– Kathryn Lang

I have to follow
God’s directions
to live life
in His provision.
- Kathryn Lang

Demanding God Bless My Way

According to Proverbs 16:9, “a man’s heart plans his path, but it is the Lord that directs the steps.”

In other words, I have to get with the program to get with the provision. 

Far too long, I made plans. I stepped out into the plans. I then asked God to bless the plans. I didn’t even bother slowing down long enough to listen to His direction. I just plowed ahead like I knew what was right.

And then I wondered why I was dancing in the promised land.

Shifting to the Provision of God

  1. Trust that God gives something new every day. – one day at a time – just as much as we need for that day.

The Israelites learned that lesson the hard way when they tried to gather more manna than they needed for a single day. Up until recently, I’d say that I was still learning that lesson. I hope it finally took.

  1. A dried brook is often a sign that I’m not listening to directions.

If things aren’t aligning with the promises of God then it’s not because God’s promises aren’t coming through. 

  1. The only way to see the provision of God is to be on the lookout for that provision. 

I will never see what I’m not looking for, but I also can’t see what I don’t know to look for. In order to see the provision of God I have to be personally acquainted with His promises.

  1. Be prepared for the next direction.

Where you are – even if you are in the provision of God – is not the end of the journey. Just like Elijah had to eventually move from the bend in the river, be on the lookout for the next direction that God gives to guide you to His provision.

God will never leave you wanting. He has promised a life of exceedingly abundant provision. The only thing you have to do is choose to walk out His directions.

Challenge: Live In the Provision of God

If you find yourself surrounded by crumbs and bird poop, take a look at the directions you are following. Be honest with your evaluation and then be open to making the corrections you need to get back into the provision of God.

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