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My Big Brother

Growing up with a big brother can be tough – especially when you are a girl.  I am 3 ½ years younger than my brother.  That means when he was a senior, I was a freshman.  To make matters more difficult, he ran around with several of the guys from the football team.  Technically, I had LOTS of big brothers (and no dates) when I was a freshman.

It wasn’t all bad.  Those guys watched over me and protected me.  No matter what the situation might be, I knew it would be okay.  They had my back and that was comforting.

This morning while I was reading scripture it struck me that Jesus is my big brother.  I had never looked at it like that before, but it’s true.  He was the first born (making him the oldest) of many heirs (meaning me).  It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and a new understanding of how he is my advocate.  It’s nice to know that one who has such great power has so much concern for my life.

I remember something else about my earthly brother.  As the years crept passed and we were no longer forced (because of age and living arrangements) to be around each other, we drifted apart.  Although he would still be there if I called, the relationship is not the same – mainly because I haven’t invested in it.

My relationship with Jesus is the same.  He will always be there for me, but I may not feel comfortable calling out if I haven’t spent time on the relationship.  It is my investment that shows Him how valuable His investment is.

It all comes back to a personal relationship.  Without that, you are just strangers.

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