You Can Do It

The race is on.  Christmas is now less than four weeks away.  Officially, we will be surviving on my income at the first of January.  My office is getting smaller as my jobs continue to multiply.  But the more I face, the more I am determined to overcome.

1.      Less is more this Christmas.  We are focusing on making gifts for family and friends – which will help dramatically with my budget.  The children are getting one big gift (from mom and dad) and some fun (and requested) stocking-stuffers.  All and all, we will get through this Christmas for around $250 total!  Wow!

2.      January was my target date to have a full time income from my writing, and I am ahead of schedule to make that income.  It was originally my idea to save that extra money so my husband could leave his job in May, but things change.  You have to be flexible.  I’ve made a schedule that includes sending out job resumes, print queries, book queries, writing blogs, AND writing novel work – every week.  I even set aside time to do the writing work I am bringing in with all these resumes (smart, huh?).  As a family, we are working on the land and preparing for the spring (when we will begin selling our plants).  It’s daunting to go from a full-time salary (with benefits) to my writing income, but the quality of our family life has improved so much that I wouldn’t change a thing.

3.      As for office space, I’m limited there.  I have a corner of the kitchen (and I’ve expanded that corner about as far as it can go.  I think with one more filing cabinet I could get everything orderly – but I dream of the day when I will have a writing room all to myself.  The only other thing I MUST do is put up a bulletin board that I can keep a running record of upcoming deadlines.  The more things I start juggling, the easier it is to lose track.

Any one can do it IF you are willing to look past the modern way society does things and turn back the clock to a time before credit cards, retirement, and 9 to 5.  Thinking outside the box may not make you a millionaire (although that is still a possibility 😀 ).  It will give you and your family a life that most people only dream about having together.

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