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Relationship Truths– 3 –Two-sided

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There are things that will keep me from being fully invested in relationships – or keep you from doing what should be your part – but true relationships are rarely two-sided.

Reasons Relationships May Not be Two-sided

    1. There may be limitations – in time, resources, or finances – that keep one from doing more than another. There has to be a surplus of some amount for that surplus to be passed on.

    2. Distractions may be getting in the way. Big or small; real or imagined; distractions will hinder the ability to invest in relationships.

    3. The delusions of the world (and those crafted in the mind) put up walls and barriers that get in the way of relationships. What I believe will drive what I am willing (and able) to do.

    4. The condition of the heart determines the strength of relationship investment. The more my heart hurts and struggles the less strength I have available to share.

    5. My expectations – of you and of the return on my investment – will make it difficult for me to keep investing. Until I let go of expectations, I will struggle to get hold of lasting relationships.

Relationships are work – they require investment and attention – and the real struggle is that the amount I give into the relationship is rarely the same amount given by those around me. I have to be okay with that if I am going to grow up the foundational relationships that will hold me up on this journey.

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