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#GrowingHOPE Podcast - Thursday

Living Now – Four – Now Focus

#GrowingHOPE Podcast Listen to today’s broadcast by clicking the play button at the bottom of the page I have right now. That is all that I have to work with. But I do have to make purposeful choices for actions that will make the most of my right now – and the distractions of past […]

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3-16-16 not unique

The Hard Truth about Being Unique

I am not unique. Before you come at me with pitchforks and torches, let me explain. There is no person on earth like me (and I know there are many that know me that sigh with relief with that declaration). The person that is me is unique. My message of hope and encouragement – as […]

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Door Kicking Possibilities

Desperately Seeking Understanding

For me, nothing shakes my world and makes me question my journey quite like a well-placed struggle. It ups the ante when the struggle comes in the form of the “f” word – you know, finances. I have been bouncing around like a Tigger on caffeine for the last several months. Several moments I felt […]

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Defining Success

Defining My Success

I have said it. I have heard it and it is about time I figured out a way to live in it. “If you never define success for you then the world will define it and you will rarely be happy in it.” I sit here pondering those words again. I need to determine the […]

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Not Working for a Living

“That was like work.” I had used the same phrase for the second time in almost as many days. My first encounter with the phrase happened when I had a photo shoot with Jeff White out of Huntsville, Alabama. He walked me through the process and had me laughing most of the time. It was […]

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steps to purpose in life

Taking the Steps to Purpose in Life

Each person has been designed and woven with a specific purpose in mind. The unique abilities, interests and desires were planted at the beginning of time to help guide that purpose. The talents and physical design were specified to enhance that purpose. It was all done with precision and care. And the world got involved. […]

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Limited fuel gets divided by distractions

No Dividing Attentions

Divided attentions will divide resources. Divided resources will limit the fuel fed into each one. Limited fuel will ultimately limit the results. You have to focus your energy if you are ever going to become all that you are designed to be. Ways to Avoid Dividing Attentions 1. Write it down. Make a map of […]

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Lost - Find the way to purpose.

Discover the Unique Purpose of You

A life worth living begins when you discover the unique purpose of you. People complain all too often that they have no clue about where they are or where they are supposed to be. The frustration of spinning wheels and immovable walls pours out to others around them and leaves everyone feeling miserable. Are You […]

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Find your way to purpose.

Starting the Journey to Purpose

Words come naturally to me. I can sit in a crowded room and pour out paragraph after paragraph – and some of it might even make sense. List it under the category of “you are not normal” because I am beginning to realize what a gift it is. I sat at my table talking with […]

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