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steps for success

The First Step to Success

Most of the people that have been successful in their fields will tell you that they love what they do. One of the quotes I have on my wall say “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” I live the life that most people dream of […]

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lots of runners

Pursue Passion to Purpose

God is definitely at work in my life right this second. While doing my bible study this morning, I “stumbled over” an old entry in my journal. It all comes back to getting started and then having the persistence to keep pushing through no matter what might come your way. Paul shares about it in […]

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Making Sense of the Good Mood Blog

The time has come. The great “Good Mood” blog competition has officially kicked off. I was late to the race, but determined to make a mark. The months that have passed since the last competition have allowed me to build my platform. More people are reading what I write than ever before. But I know […]

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hiking path websitesm

Which Path for Writing

Things have been crazy around my house these last few weeks. The more I think I know the less I understand. And just when I think I have it all settled, someone comes along and stirs everything back up. Why am I here? My church asked me to teach a class on this topic a […]

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Breaking Through the Fog

“Are you THE Kathryn Lang – the one that writes for that paper?” My husband’s groan could not be heard, but I could see it written all over his face. He sat helplessly as my head began to swell. “Yes, that’s me.” “I love what you write.” The one compliment would have made my day. […]

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Write with Passion

Writing comes naturally to some people. I can write almost as easily as I can talk – and trust me when I say that talking is NOT a problem in my life. Some of the things that I write just to write (or for work) are pretty good. But good will not catapult me to […]

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Live Passion or Live Excuses

Life comes about from a series of choices. The good choices lead to opportunities and blessings. The bad choices lead to negative consequences and troubles. Everyone has the ability and the opportunity to live a life of good choices. Our home resounds with the concept that one excuse is just as good as the next. […]

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Live Life like Weekends Do Not Matter

Every Friday the notes on my facebook page focus on the weekend. Plans develop to have fun, be with friends and family or to catch up on those things that have been put off too long. Around this house we are lucky to realize that the weekend is here. The schedule for the first of […]

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Beckoning the Elusive Muse

Inspiration avoids me on some days. There are times when I can almost see it out of my peripheral view, but when I turn around to face that direction the muse has dissipated. This morning I was having a missing muse moment and shared with a friend who mentioned that it would be nice if […]

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Driving Your Passion

One question can help uncover where you are headed today. Each and every one of us are currently moving towards a end. The answer to this one question can help you discover if it is the end that you desire. What would you do tomorrow if you won the lottery today? It doesn’t matter if […]

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