Weekly Devotional - Scripture Challenge
Weekly Devotional

Weekly Devotional and Scripture Challenge – March 12 2017

I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, thoughts to give you a future and a hope. IF you will call upon Me – if you will talk to me (through pray) I will listen. IF you will seek Me with your whole heart then you will find Me.” From Jeremiah 29:11 13

I know where I am supposed to go. For most of my life (at least as long as I can remember), I have had a little tickle in the back of my mind pointing me this way and that way.

When I listen, I end up closer to where I know I’m supposed to be.

The problem is I don’t always listen. I tune it out like all that much static in the background of a radio station. I want to hear what I want to hear and not what I need to hear.

I know that if I listen, I will get to where I am supposed to go, so why don’t I listen?

That is the challenge – to listen to the Voice I need to hear.

Learning to Listen

    – I have to take time to be alone with the Voice I need (and know I really want) to hear. For me, that means I must get to bed on time so I can get up early enough to have the quiet and alone to listen.

    – I have to invest in the Words the Voice will be using. Once a week, twice a week, or even three times a week won’t get me to the place where I know the words intimately. I have to invest daily – or more than once each day – so that I imbed the Word in my heart and it becomes my default language.

    – I have to ignore the other noises. The world is FULL of noises and some of the voices will “make sense.” It is not about making sense – because the way I am going will never “make sense” to a world that doesn’t understand it. I will do better to shut out the noises if I limit the amount I let in.

The more I listen to the Voice that not only knows where I need to go but wants better for me than I could ever want for myself the closer I come to that life of exceeding abundance.

Weekly Challenge for Scripture Living

Make a commitment to invest in the Word 10 minutes every day. Journal about the experience. Share any revelations, inspirations, or questions that come up during your time.

Recommended Reading – Proverbs 24

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