Growing Connections – Winning the Liebster Award

A few weeks back, Constance Smith (from the Foodie Army Wife) nominated me for the Liebster Award – a challenge from one blogger to other bloggers to help us learn more about each other and to help us showcase those blogs we want readers to discover.

I immediately set out to complete the task, only to determine that since I had no place on my blog to showcase the award I needed to hold off. So I did, until one of the bloggers I intended to challenge reminded me that I had left him hanging (sorry Bo).

So I immediately (once again) set out to get my challenge posted, only to determine that the first video was not up to the challenge. It needed to be trimmed and pampered – and then I determined it just needed a complete overhaul. I was back to the drawing board.

I immediately (at least the first thing the next morning) set out to get the video in order, only to discover that the list of bloggers I wanted to challenge AND the challenge questions had disappeared into the darkness that is my desk. Woe is me. I scrambled around, cleaning and organizing as I went – an unexpected blessing from the challenge – and yet I came out on the other side empty handed. And then there they were.

So, I am immediately sitting down and creating my Liebster Award Challenge.

My turn:

To be eligible for the Liebster Award, the blog is supposed to have less than 3000 followers – I am with Constance on this one and I have no idea how to determine the following limits. I followed her example and shared some writers, bloggers and great personalities that I think we all need to know a little better.

Bo Williams – because I love his sense of humor and always look forward to his creative ideas and answers (and it will be fun to see who he challenges).

Nicole Castle from Recession Gardening – she has a unique perspective and I like unique (and I am hoping to get on her good side for when the tomatoes start to ripen).

Abby Hathorn from Vintage Inspired Passionista – I am excited about her journey and want to share her blog, her journey and her passion with all of you.

Stephen Dorning from the Heavy Metal Cowboy – because I want to push him to keep stepping outside his box (and because he made me a bearded dwarf in his book – tsk, tsk).

Natalie Cone – fellow SELTI winner and all around awesome person because I know she has something to say and I look forward to her sharing.

Melanie Baker from Our Story of “Faith” – because she constantly surprises and amazes me and I know she has so much more to share.

Yes, I know that is more than five, and I could probably go on. There are so many great blogs and people out there and I want to give them all a shout out. That gives me an idea for a future blog series (Bo, I expect you to ask me about that series until I get it done).

My Liebster Questions:

1. What is the best advice you ever gave?
2. What is the best advice you were ever given?
3. What is the best lesson you learned from a mistake – yours or another’s?
4. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
5. What is the best song EVER?
6. What is your favorite quote?
7. What is your biggest annoyance or pet peeve?
8. What is the top priority you want to change about yourself?
9. What is the saying you find yourself using the most?
10. What movie remake should never have happened (or should never happen)?
11. What is your top goal for the next month (personal or professional)?

Thank you again to Constance for the challenge. Thank you to Bo for pushing me to complete the challenge. Thank you to all of you who visit the site, watched the video and have been a support and encouragement to me on this journey.

Be blessed,


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