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Negative Myths About Meditation

Have you heard myths about meditation or negative declarations about the practice of meditating? Today on the #GrowingHOPE podcast we talked over five of the myths that surround meditating and the truths and untruths that go along with those myths.

5 Myths about Meditation

  1. Meditation empties your brain.
  2. Meditation causes you to focus on yourself.
  3. Meditation is really just escapism.
  4. Meditation wastes valuable time.
  5. Meditation doesn’t change anything so why bother?

Knowing the myths is only the beginning. Understanding the power of positive meditation and how it works within Scripture and for purpose living proves that meditation can be a powerful tool for living your best life.

What myths about meditation have you heard over the years?

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This week of episodes on meditation is part of a larger series all through the month of September about DEstressing your life. You will struggle to live your best life if you are trying to carry stress along for the journey. Have you missed any of the September episodes? Catch up today.

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