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DEstressed Life Week Two – Noise Canceling Focus

Developing noise canceling focus is the second part of creating a DEstressed Life. The first step was all about Knowing Stress and the cost of stress on our lives. Now we begin to understand the ways to combat the stress attacks of the world.

How to Create Noise Canceling Focus

The noise of the world distracts you from the intent you had when you started. It gets you to look away, to turn away, or to step away from where you want to be. You have to find ways to develop the noise canceling focus that will keep you on the right track.

The noise of the world will try to distract you from your unique design:

  • Distracts from the moment – because when you look away from where you are then you have to stop moving or risk ending up in a ditch.
  • Distracts from the step – you lose your concentration and forget your next step (or worse you miss the step and fall flat on your face because of it).
  • Distracts from the Master – you turn from Whose you are and the directions you know to follow (even though He’s right there calling out and offering to guide you) and you give your attention to someone or something unproven and unreliable and completely unrelated.
  • Distracts towards more choices – and we already know that too many choices lead us to locking up in neutral.
  • Distracts into doubt – because when we aren’t focused on the destination then we get lost in the trees of it all. Why I am even doing this? Was I really called to walk this path? Am I even good enough to be attempting this?

You are unique. You have a purpose. Only you can walk your walk. The world will try to distract you from this truth. The more creative you can be in developing your noise canceling focus, the bolder you will be in walking the walk.

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