#GrowingHOPE Podcast - Friday

The Real Cost of Stress

Know Stress by Recognizing the Cost of Stress

Health – the side effects of stress will leave you feeling worse and looking worse. From the loss of hair to pain in the neck (literally), stress can break down your body’s defenses.

Mind – when stress wears you down, you get forgetful. It will cause you to be distracted and unable to think about what needs your attention.

Relationships – the cost of stress is the people closest to us because we lash out when we are wound tight from the worry.

Spirit – your spirit grows from what you feed it and when stress is all the nutrition it gets, the spirit becomes weak, timid, and withdrawn.

Focus – stress steals your focus. Instead of doing what you know to do, you’re caught in the what ifs, if onlys, and net of fear.

The cost of stress leaves things ugly and painful.
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